Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace
Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace
Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace
Chakra Bracelet

Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace

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Mandala jewelry not only looks brilliant, but also has a deep spiritual impact upon the mind and body. This Sri Yantra necklace is etched with sacred geometry to ensure your well-being and happiness.
Wearing the pendant on a regular basis opens the gates of abundance and prosperity in life by removing mental and spiritual that might be acting as obstacles. It helps to improve concentration towards your personal and professional life, while assisting in viewing everything with a positive mindset – this way the unwanted thoughts and fears are automatically cleansed.


It works by collectively balancing the seven energies:

  • solar plexus
  • heart
  • throat
  • sacral
  • crown
  • brow
  • base

Besides wearing chakra necklace for healing purposes, 

you can also wear them for aesthetic reasons,

which makes sense because they match with just about any outfit.

They will make an awesome gift for loved one.


Order today and get yours ... limited quantity availabe!




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