Flower of Life Necklace - Chakra Bracelet
Flower of Life Necklace - Chakra Bracelet
Chakra Bracelet

Flower of Life Necklace

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This pendant will surely remind you of a rainbow at the first glance – the bright and vibrant colors look stunning right? It is designed in the form of a “flower of life” as you can see the shape from outside. It is said to be the physical representation of the connections that we feel to all living things.
The flower has the power to unlock hidden potential and balance chakras when imbued with healing properties of different gemstones. It is depicted by a meditating figure who is harnessing the flower of life and its characteristics.  You too will benefit from it!

Calm yourself from within by wearing this remarkable pendant necklace. Unlike other pieces where the stones are the main centerpiece, this is made in a unique style. The 7 chakras of the human body are clearly depicted inside the large pendant, with each stone representing a specific chakra.


    Chakra accessories work by shifting one’s mental focus from negative emotional thinking to a more prosperous and positive outlook on life. This encourages the wearer to be more optimistic and reframe their problems. It will subtly motivate you to stop wallowing in troubles and instead, start focusing on the bright future ahead.


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