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Glow In The Dark Moon Bracelet
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Glow In The Dark Moon Bracelet
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Glow In The Dark Moon Bracelet

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 Add some light to your life with our Glow In The Dark Moon Bracelet. 

Moon is a  symbol of the spiritual aspects such as intuition, psychic abilities, creativity and wisdom

Fantasy universe charm, also look like moon pattern, it will glowing in the dark, very eye-catching.

Made with lots of love, this gorgeous Lunar Bracelet will add the soft soulful glow to your personality which will make you a center of attention wherever you go.

 Perfect accessory for your casual wear and great choice of gift to all moon lovers!

Jewelry charged from any light source and glows after charging.
You do not have to think about the jewelry charge. Just can wear it and when from the light room you go to the dark place, the glow will appear.

Hand crafted and personalized to perfection

  • Choose from 2 gorgeous colors; blue or green!
  • Made from silver plated metal and glass.
  • Chain Length: 16 cm + 6 cm.

Remove before bathing, swimming and water activities. Water resistant but not water proof




Please allow us to process 3-5 days and then 2-3 weeks to delivery.

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