distance bracelet
distance bracelet
distance bracelet
distance bracelet
Chakra Bracelet

Distance Bracelets

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Distance Bracelet is just a tool that help us and our loved ones. 

This bracelet brings you a commemoration of your unity and bond with your loved ones, even they are miles away. Distance Bracelets are perfect accessory to let that special person know that they have a piece of them with you no matter where your are.

Made with top quality white howlite and black onyx natural stone beads not imitation. Black Onyx is an excellent natural stone for releasing any negative emotions or stress. The White Howlite is a calming natural stone and has an extremely calming energy. These are the nicest Natural Stone Distance Bracelets out there. White and black opposite design.

These are limited edition & won't last long!

One size will fit all :) 

Order today and get yours ... limited quantity availabe!





 Please allow us to process 3-5 days and then 2-3 weeks to delivery.

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