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7 Chakra Bracelet  Tree of Life Lava Rock Stone - Chakra Bracelet

7 Chakra Bracelet Tree of Life Lava Rock Stone

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7 Chakra Bracelet beaded with Square Bead Tree of Life with Lava Rock stone.  Lava stoned  is easily the oldest and most frequently found stone in world. Lava stone is also a perfect perfume /essential oil diffuser! It can keep the oil longer than the traditional leather discs or poms. This bracelet of 7 chakras is a great gift idea for men and women. Black lava stone is able to identify and stimulate the activity of the Indigenous chakra. Wearing jewelry from lava tunes any person to natural rhythms, listening and understanding themselves, their body, desires, thoughts, plans, dreams

It works by collectively balancing the seven energies:


  • solar plexus
  • heart
  • throat
  • sacral
  • crown
  • brow
  • base


It helps you lead your life in a healthy and happy manner, regardless of whatever stress you face in personally or professionally. Besides wearing chakra bracelet for healing purposes, you can also wear them for aesthetic reasons, which makes sense because they match with just about any outfit. They will make an awesome gift for loved one.


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