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How to use 7 Chakra Diffuser Bracelet?

 A chakra diffuser bracelet comprises of 7 semi-precious, natural Lava stones. It is considered to heal the chakras of the wearer by calming and balancing the energy points. Chakra is a Sanskrit term which literally means “wheel”.
The 7 chakras are considered to be the 7 focal points or energy centres in our body that work together to promote an overall well-being.
These 7 chakras comprises of:
1.Crown chakra. This chakra is located on top of the head and is associated with gold and purple. It is the centre most chakra from which all others emanate. The crown chakra focuses on liberation of the soul and encourages the individual to follow his bliss.
2.Third eye chakra located in between the eyebrows in front of the head, the third eye chakra is associated with indigo. It is concerned about the mind’s awakening and is related to spirituality and self awareness.
3.Throat chakra.  It is located above the larynx in the throat and is associated with blue. It is related to communication, and expression of thought. Also, it encourages speaking the truth at all times.
4.Heart chakra. This chakra is located at the Centre of the chest and is associated with the colour green. It promotes feelings of love, kindness, harmony and compassion.
5.Solar plexus chakra. The Solar plexus chakra is located at the base of the breast bone. It affects the digestive system, gall bladder, liver and lower back. It is associated with yellow colour.
6.Sacral chakra.  It is located below the navel and is related to the attractiveness and sexuality of an individual for the purpose of reproduction. It is associated with the colour orange.
7.Root chakra located below the spine, the root chakra affects the self esteem and confidence of a person. It is associated with the colour red. It is also a reminder to stay grounded.
Benefits of the chakra diffuser bracelet
•The different gemstones used are linked to different chakras. Being natural conductors of energy, these gemstones aid healing and alignment of chakras.
•Wearing the bracelet helps in eliminating negative, damaging thoughts and replacing them with constructive ones by opening up the chakras.
•It fosters awaking of the third eye that is linked to finding inner peace, spirituality, manifestation and overall well-being of the individual.
•Also, in addition to their chakra healing properties, each of the gemstones possess unique healing properties like relieving stress, boosting confidence and calming the mind.
•The most common essential oils used with these bracelets are that of lavender, hyacinth and etc. These oils contain a lot of medicinal and healing properties like fighting insomnia, depression and anxiety.
How are chakra diffuser bracelets used?
The bracelet is used by adding a small amount of essential oil on 1-3 of the beads. The oil is applied on the part of the bead that faces away from the skin. Since essential oils are concentrated in nature, they are mostly not applied directly onto the skin.
 If you’re seeking inner peace and self awareness, wear a chakra diffuser bracelet and begin your spiritual journey.